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Gene Blottner conducting an Interview

Gene Blottner, film historian, is the author of four published books,  and many magazine articles on the history of Hollywood's Golden Era.  He is a board member of the Williamsburg Film Festival.

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Blondie, Boston Blackie, Ellery Queen, The Lone Wolf, Gasoline Alley, Jungle Jim... These are but a sampling of the 27 film series produced and released by Columbia Pictures from 1926 through 1955. This survey covers the origins of the popular fictional characters featured, as well as their appearances in other media (comics, novels, radio and television). Also provided are thumbnail biographies of the actors who brought these characters to life.

The films themselves are examined in detail, with release dates, cast and production credits, synopses, reviews, the author’s summation, the "tag lines" used in publicity, and the songs heard in individual titles. Additionally, most of the outdoor locations used in filming such Columbia western series as Wild Bill Saunders and The Durango Kid are identified.


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This comprehensive study of Wild Bill Elliott covers his entire career as a western star.  It begins with a biographical sketch of Elliott and then discusses each of his 78 starring roles as well as his more than 130 supporting roles.  The discussion includes studio, release date, alternate titles, cast and credit listings, songs, location filming, color, running time, source, story synopsis, notes and commentary, reviews and summation of the film.



"excellent...a great book"--Suite

"very informative...looks at Wild Bill’s film career from every aspect and angle"--Western Clippings

" notch...highly recommended"--The Old Cowboy Picture Show


Universal Sound Westerns, 1929-1946:
The Complete Filmography

After Fox released In Old Arizona, the first feature length western with sound, in 1929, Universal president Carl Laemmle decided that Universals westerns should follow suit. Beginning that year, with the release of The Wagon Master starring Ken Maynard, up until 1946, when the studio merged with International Pictures, Universal Pictures captivated audiences with its sound westerns. Individual entries for the approximately 180 feature films and serials released by Universal during that period are presented here.


Each entry includes the films title, release date, alternate title, cast, credits, songs, location of filming, running time, source if the film was an adaptation, plot synopsis, commentary from the author and from the actors and directors, representative excerpts from reviews, and a tag line from the original advertising. Also provided is a chronological listing of Universals short western films as well as Universals sound westerns.


(440) pp.  $55 library binding ISBN 0-7864-1511-8

Ca. 60 photographs, filmographies. Appendix, index



"a treasure trove of valuable reading and research"--Western Clippings

"a mountain of reference material...well researched data...interesting facts...very enjoyable read"--The Old Cowboy Picture Show

"valuable resource"--ARBA




Universal-International Westerns, 1947-1963: The Complete Filmography

From 1947 through 1963, the merged studios of Universal and International produced mostly highly entertaining Westerns that ranged from classics like Winchester '73 to forgettable films better left unmade. Entries on the 114 Universal-International Westerns of the period are collected here. While other films may have contained Western elements, only films that truly fit the genre are included.
Films are arranged alphabetically by title, and each entry includes release date, alternate title, cast, credits, songs, location of filming, source if the film was an adaptation, running time, plot synopsis, commentary from the author and from the actors and directors, and representative excerpts from contemporary reviews. Also included are tag lines used in the original advertising for each film. An introduction to the book provides details on the Universal-International merger and a history of the studios' productions.

368pp. $55 library binding ISBN 0-7864-0791-3

122 photographs, filmographies, bibliography, index



"an exceptional job...impressive...highly recommended"--ARBA

"well deserving of a place in your library"--Wrangler’s Roost

"a most enjoyable read...essential"--Nostalgia Westerns


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